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Are you happy for no reason?
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The first step in bringing more happiness into your life is to get a measure of where you are today. 

The Happiness quiz helps you assess what areas you are on the track to a happy and fulfilled life and where you could work on improving. 

How it works

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Rate yourself

You will go through a number of statements and give yourself a score as to how it applies to you.

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Calculate your score

Add up your score and get a picture of your overall happiness level.

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Do the work

Begin the work to improve your score by incorporating happiness habits into your life. Then take the quiz again.

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It doesn't matter where you begin, just that you do begin.

Meet Traci
image of Traci Conrad, founder of Happily Empowered

Happily Empowered is a result of a vision I have to support you in taking ownership of your happiness no matter what your outer circumstances are. 

As a Happy for No Reason Certified Trainer, I teach a holistic broad-based approach to happiness.

I love helping women like you find the happiness I have.

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