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Your happiness is just around the corner

Learn to find a happiness that is unshakable.

With the challenges of today, it’s easy to get swept up and feel unbalanced and disconnected from your inner peaceful self. When you have so many demands, taking care of yourself often goes on the back burner.


Compassion fatigue, burnout, anxiety and other physical and emotional symptoms may sneak up on you unexpectedly. It can be easy to miss the signs that you need support.


Now, you can break free from old patterns of fear and anxiety. You can raise your inner joy, peace and well-being by including the happiness habits into your life.


This is true empowerment.


The Build Your Inner Home of Happiness course

with Traci Conrad of Happily Empowered

The Build Your Inner Happiness Course teaches practical happiness habits and principles that you can use right now so you can experience happiness from the inside out. You will find a happiness that is not dependent on other people, or romantic relationships or outer situations. Happy people tend to be successful in all areas of their life. Are you ready for unshakable happiness?

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Anyone can do it!

I have helped many people increase their happiness level by teaching them how to apply the practical happiness habits. It only takes a few minutes a day.

The Build Your Inner Home of Happiness course

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Is research-based

Happiness is both a science and an art. This course is based on scientific and top-notch research that shows what works. 

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Gives practical steps

The course's method to happiness takes some small and incremental steps that are sustainable and easy to apply.

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Adapts to your lifestyle

Regardless of your situation, these principals will apply to your life and personality. You don't have to be an extrovert, bubbly or naturally positive person.

Meet Traci
Image of Traci Conrad, the Founder

Happily Empowered is a result of a vision I have to support you in taking ownership of your happiness no matter what your outer circumstances are. 

As a Happy for No Reason Certified Trainer, I teach a holistic broad-based approach to happiness.

I love helping women like you find the happiness I have.

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Happiness is not based on what we have materially or what people think of us, but rather what is inside of us that makes us who we are.


Living Happily Empowered is choosing where to direct your thoughts and to be free to be yourself. Your inner joy will reflect your outer joy.

What's Included

Build your Inner Home of Happiness includes 7 lessons that cover main areas of your life: personal power, mind, heart, body, soul, life-purpose, and relationships.


This holistic approach is vital as it is necessary to have all areas of your life in balance to sustain true happiness. This course includes a 7-week program. Take a week to go over each lesson individually. This way, you will benefit more from the 3 happiness habits included in each lesson that you can apply right away, enhancing the transition you are making.

Lesson 1
Foundation of Happiness: Take ownership of your Happiness

Instead of complaining, blaming or feeling guilty, learn to respond like a victor, focus on solutions, and make peace with yourself.

Lesson 4
Serious Girl Stretching
The Pillar of the Body: Make Your Cells Happy

Adopt healthy habits that help balance your hormones and improve your overall well-being by taking good care of your body. Your body creates the natural happiness chemicals that makes life feel so good.

Lesson 2
 Young Woman Contemplating
The Pillar of the Mind: Don’t Believe Everything You Think

Train your mind to think positive thoughts, accept, trust, think clear and savor the good.

Lesson 5
The Pillar of the Soul: Plug Yourself into Spirit

Learn the ways you can take time for stillness, listen to inner knowing, pray and surrender. See how being connected to a larger whole and trusting in a higher power can influence your happiness.

Lesson 3
The Pillar of the Heart: Let Love Lead

Develop an open, grateful and forgiving heart that is in rhythm with your life. 

Lesson 6
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The Roof: Live a Life Inspired by Purpose

Nothing inspires us like having a purpose. Find yours so you can live passionately and be of service to others.

Lesson 7
Elderly women gardening
The Garden: Cultivate Nourishing Relationships

Learn to maintain healthy boundaries, communicate authentically, appreciate others and focus on unity.

Get this course and become a member of our exclusive Facebook community, where you can enjoy bonus content and connect with amazing women who have similar goals.

Ali Loraine Testimonial
Ali Loraine, owner of MettaPhysical Therapy

Traci led a group of us in a seminar project that also included creating a vision board and her comprehensive coverage of the subject really gave me the understanding I needed to make a quick, all-encompassing visual of the business I wanted to create. She explained the activation process once the vision board process was finished. The next day I received a phone call with a request that I was unsure about.


Being a "yes girl" even when it's bad for me, I was inclined to respond with a positive commitment even though my guts were saying "no." Then I remembered Traci's instructions and I asked the caller to wait until the next day for an answer. The activation process helped me to get crystal clear about my response. Now, 3 years later, I still look at that vision board for guidance and inspiration. Thank you, Traci!

Traci Conrad, the Founder, speaking in front of a group

Don't spend another day unhappy

Order now and increase your inner-peace and well-being. Live the life of your heart’s desire.

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